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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tender Moments

Last night was a tough one for Trent. He was really anxious about today and just feeling a little out of sorts. Jonathan (21 months old) had already been sent to bed but was still awake. Trent went in and laid in Jonathan's bed with him. He said that in the dark he could see those sparkly eyes and funny little smile. Jonathan didn't squirm or try to get up but just smiled at Trent and patted his shoulder for a while. He must have known exactly what Trent needed because that really calmed Trent down. I know that is a moment Trent will remember for a long time.

We got up bright and early this morning to start Round Two, Day 1 of Chemo. So far, so good. The chemo will be slightly different than last time, with the addition of a new drug and the delivery is different also. We should be done on Sunday or Monday. We are really hoping the changes will help him handle it a little better.

One of the doctors came in today and said something that has really helped Trent. All he said was that his prognosis was "promising". That's it! That's all he said but it is more than we have heard from anyone to this point. It has really made an impact on Trent and he grabbed onto that like glue. As much as I tell him how certain I am of the outcome I guess it really helps to hear it from your doctor too!


  1. :) cry. sob. bawl. (that's me;)

    so glad to hear it! here we go again!!! good luck!

  2. I can see little Jonathan patting Trent. How calming and sweet the moment must have been. How wonderful it will be for him to see Jonathan go on a mission and marry and become the kind of person that Trent is. And the legacy of those who came before, those who are now and those who will continue on...grounds us in who we are, why we are here and where we are going. Gospel principle 101.