Feed your FAITH and your fears will starve .

Friday, June 18, 2010

Round Two Day Three

Today started off pretty good. Trent had a little nausea but they are doing well to keep that at bay. There was some screaming going on this morning but that was only because of the soccer game on TV. Pretty funny! All the nurses kept coming in saying they heard him screaming only to be told the score of the game!

This afternoon started to get a little shaky. We had some more wound care specialists look at his hip and they have started putting silver inside the wound too. They put it on the outside yesterday and the skin looked so much better today! I am hopeful that putting it inside will make a difference as quickly. I will have to be caring for the wound and it is getting more involved every day. After they saw the wound Trent got quite anxious about losing his leg. The nurse said, "All we can do is hope." Uh....not exactly what he wanted to hear and that sort of set him off on the worry trail. So I did my best to calm him down and put the fears aside. Easier said than done! So we are heading to bed early with a nice little anxiety pill and hopefully tomorrow will be good!

An interesting thing happened yesterday. As we were making our lap around the floor I noticed a woman I thought was familiar. So on the next lap she stopped me and asked if I was Holly Frandsen. Turns out I went to school with her kids and I remembered her from growing up. Her daughter-in-law had just been admitted that day with acute leukemia. I thought about her all day and about 10 pm I got this feeling that I needed to go see her and take a music CD of primary music. (Love this CD, thanks Eric and Tanya!) I asked her nurse if I could go in and she offered to go with me so we didn't have to bother her twice. When I walked in the room I realized I knew her from high school too. I had played sports with her although she is a year younger than me. I didn't realize that she had married into the family that she did. We had a great little talk and I gave her the CD to borrow until we leave on Sunday. All I could do was offer her the same encouragement we have received from all of you and assure her we would be praying for her. I think it helps to talk to people who know what you are going through. Her parents were there with her and told me as much.

I have this plaque that says something like, "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of that which we do not see." That saying has made a huge difference for me (Thanks Loren and Cindy!). I know it is true and it helps me every day to continue to have faith in the outcome of our trial and in the Savior. I know we are in the Lord's hands and there is no better place to be.


  1. Losing his leg? More details please!

  2. I know that in years past, this was a treatment for sarcoma, apputation of limbs. But it is pretty rare today. I would certainly never want this for Trent. But I would rather a limb than a life. I believe things will turn around with it, however. Silver? An interesting treatment. Please tell more. Love you both...

  3. Rasmussens. You are in our thoughts.. We love and miss you!
    Nathan is panicking over the leg.. let us know details as soon as you can get em.. We will see you soon.. Love you!!!