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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Round TWO Goes to the Rasmussens!

So far the score is Rasmussen-2, Cancer-0! We just finished the second round of chemo and Trent is doing pretty good! Last night just as we were about to nod off to sleep Zach poked his head around the curtain in our room. What a surprise! He was having some guy time with Josh who lives in Salt Lake and they stopped in to see us. That kid is always popping up just when we are missing our kids so much! It was really fun to have him there.

Trent is doing ten times better this round than last. Funny thing is he gained five pounds while he was in the hospital. The food was awesome and he kept it all down. He has had a little nausea but mostly has just been tired. Tired of urinating that is! He gets up several times a night and is woken up several times by nurses, beeping IV's, lab people, and housekeeping. He is really looking forward to some good old R&R in a nice comfy bed. Admittedly, I am looking forward to that too. Those hospital couches are NOT that great. I am considering taking an air mattress next time! The MRI did not happen today because it was Sunday and nobody was there to do it. Since it wasn't an emergency they didn't want to call anyone to come in. Understandable, so we will go back tomorrow to have it done.

When we got home the kids had made a Father's Day banner for Trent and they were all so excited to see him. It was a really sweet little homecoming for him. For Trent it was a great way to end the day/week, just being home with family.

So all in all we enjoyed our first stay at the Huntsman. We found it interesting that the floor we stayed on was called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Fourth Floor and the room was the Marion D. Hanks room. Cool huh!

I have to admit, I don't really like seeing that name on a hospital room door. I was walking down the hall when we first got there looking at all the names and imagining the lives that cancer was disrupting and then I found our room. It made it more real to see that. I guess I still haven't wrapped my brain around this whole situation and little things seem to prick at me and remind me this is really happening to us.

We did have to laugh at this though. We told the nurse that Trent had an allergy to EMLA, which we found out in the ER in Nebraska. And this is what we got:

Oh well, at least he'll be protected if anyone names ELMA comes around!


  1. HAHA! that is actually pretty funny!
    nice job. it feels good to have another round under the belt!

  2. YAY for feeling better on this round! Thought of you guys all day on Sunday.. Glad Trent was able to come home for a bit...
    Love you!

  3. Elma...that is funny. What is EMLA? Great to hear round two is done! Yay!

  4. Got to watch out for "Elma"! I hear she is one tough character. ;) Glad things are going well.
    We think about you often.
    The Butters' Family

  5. Never let an ELMA near Trent. He will break out in hives and that bracelet is his protective force! ELMA can't enter when he is wearing it. Heaven forbid you should ever have a nurse named Elma. And if an ALMA walks into your room......??
    So glad things went better. I love you to life.

  6. Hey Rasmussen Family! It's your cousin Austin. I just want you to know your examples to me are a huge impact on my life. There's not a day goes by in our house we don't offer up several prayers for you all. We love you!