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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Round Two Day Four

Day four has almost ended and it was only slightly dramatic. We had some ups and downs but it ended calm. This morning during rounds the doc asked what he could do for us. Trent looked right at me and I saw the cue. So I said, "Trent is very concerned about his leg." The doc immediately said, "Let's do an MRI." That was music to our ears! He said that was a valid concern (Trent has been really worried that an infection might spread to the bone causing him to lose his leg.). I really appreciated that he didn't dance around it but realized that Trent needed the peace of mind. So I can only think this will be good. We get the MRI and find that all is well and Trent is put at peace or we get the MRI and find that there is infection or cancer in the bone and can act on it right away rather than wait until the regularly scheduled MRI in another month or so. Either way that is good for us. The MRI will happen either tomorrow after he is unhooked from everything or first thing Monday morning.

Shortly after that Trent had a really nasty turn with gas. Unfortunately that is another side effect of chemo. And it hurts. Bad. Really Bad. Several hours, positions, and drugs later, he finally was able to sleep for a little while. During that bout I even heard a CNA say that she couldn't get vitals on him because he was too ornery! Too funny. When I told Trent that he denied the whole thing. He probably was a little out of it too. One thing that really helped was to listen to Mormon Messages while he tried to get comfy. (Thanks for the idea Emily!) It worked wonders. One thing we have figured out, the more we can invite the spirit into our room the better Trent does. So we like to listen to good music and read the scriptures and pray, A LOT!!!

We finally got outside today. We took a few laps out on the terrace while Trent quizzed himself on all of the plantings and planned out what our next backyard would be like. That felt good. Really good. Then we got a call from Megan who is finally here from Nebraska. We have missed her and it is nice to have everyone together again. We are looking forward to seeing them all tomorrow!


  1. this is all just craziness, isn't it!?!?!?! :)
    best of luck to you guys tomorrow, we hope it's a good day.
    thank you so much for keeping us all up to speed.

  2. God blesses you in these little less stressful times. Love Him. The angels abound. And if there is any chance that Granny Myers is helping know she's loving you with all her heart and spirit. And she will NOT leave your side. You are her boy. Nope, isn't leavin til she has to.