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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Round One goes to the Rasmussens

So we won the first round but it was a very ugly fight. We are battered and beaten down but nonetheless, victorious. Today was especially emotional. Trent is in the mad stage. He is mad that this happened to him at this time. We were supposed to be leaving Lincoln with a Master's degree in hand headed off to a new job and a new life. Instead, we are limping out struggling to keep our heads above water. Today it struck him like a ton of bricks and it was horrible. We cried and cried. We have a new cd from the Mathison's that helped so much. It is all primary songs that have been arranged with no lyrics. It is absolutely beautiful. I put on the cd for Trent and it changed the whole feeling in the room. It was suddenly calm, and peaceful. Still sad, but with a resolution to see this through for our family. No matter how awful it is.

We were released from the hospital around 2 pm. Trent really wanted to stop and get ribs for lunch-that's what you get for watching a week's worth of Food Network while eating hospital food. Yuck! I convinced him that a smoothie might be a better choice. I didn't want him to lose the ribs and then not ever want to eat them again. For him a smoothie was a better sacrifice. Which incidentally, he did lose. On the way home I stopped to get the bjillion drugs he needs. Thank goodness for insurance! Just one of the drugs cost $300! I picked up six prescriptions and only had to pay $22.00. Another blessing.

When we got home we were both exhausted. We each took a short nap before the kids came home. I think they were excited to see Trent but a little apprehensive too. Because of the effects of the drugs he stutters and speaks in a really sickly voice. I don't think they knew quite what to think about that.

We are happy to be home but it is turned upside down. Melinda started packing for us, (Thanks a ton...) so there are piles of boxes everywhere. It is going to be a whirlwind of events the next couple of weeks and I am not sure I am up for it. Possibly a good night's rest with no beeping IV's will change my attitude! :)

Thanks to all the wonderful nurses who cared for our every need for the last week. Amazing people.
My view for the past week. Watching time tick away is so boring.

Trent's view for the past week. It is a lovely ceiling isn't it?

Thought I turned the picture but don't really have the energy to fix it tonight. Anyway, it was a beautiful sight to see all those stupid bags finally empty. That meant freedom!

Trent's best friend for the last few days. The emisiss bag. I really don't know how to spell it but the function is the same. Luckily we got a few extra before discharge. If Trent doesn't use them all we have a special little girl in our family who always gets car sick. See Mallory? Dad, did bring you a treat after all!

This was our address for the first hospital stay. Fifth floor of Bryan LGH West. Such a sad place to be. There were several patients who sat in their rooms all day alone. How awful.

The final analysis...W(win). Way to go Trent. I'll be with you every step of the way! We are going to kick Cancer in the Tenders! (as shown below-nice artwork Trevor)


  1. Hang in there! We love you! That is a beautiful ceiling by the way!:)

  2. i am so glad it's over!!!! that is one giant step. good job!!!

  3. I wish we were there to help you pack! We are praying/pleading daily for you. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. If anyone can beat this, it's the Rasmussens! :)

  4. The first great victory. Just getting outside is a joy. One long day at a time. Trent's strength will return, probably not totally before it's all over, but he won't be this weak all the time. Do you have enough help packing? Can Megan and Zach help? What about the plane? All arranged? Don't cry, smile, smile smile. It's all temporary. Okay....a rather LONG temporary, but there are rainbows out there. Love you all.

  5. Never been so happy to see a "W"!! YEAH!! Here's to many more. . .

  6. Awesome job guys! Glad to hear you guys got the "W"!!! Cancer doesn't stand a chance against the Rasmussen clan. Can't wait to see you guys soon. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!!!

  7. Breath deeply. In through the nose and out through the mouth. In . . . out. . . in . . . out. . . Relax . . . you guy's can get through the next few weeks. By the end of June, you'll be "home" to Utah, and, with a hefty dose of luck and faith, round two will also go to the Rasmussens. Then cancer will be on the ropes with a knock-out soon to follow.