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Friday, June 4, 2010

Another day in our saga

Day number two of chaos. Again, we went this morning to have labs done. Trent was low on fluid again so they checked his incision then hooked him up to an IV. However that was interrupted quickly when they found that the wound culture was growing bacteria. We were immediately sent to a wound care physician. He ended up opening the wound even more and letting it drain. He ended up pulling out an 18 inch long stitch that wasn't even holding anything. Not sure what to think about that.
He then turned to me and asked if I would be able to pack the wound. Uhhh...yes? I am not really sure I can stomach packing it twice a day. I can dress a wound as good as anyone but not so sure I want to stuff things into it!

We went back to the cancer center to finish the fluid drip and we all decided it was best to check Trent back into the hospital for a blood transfusion. His levels continue to drop because of the chemotherapy but are worsened because of the incision. So we grabbed lunch and then headed up to Saint Elizabeth's hospital.

All the while our kids were being whisked away by all of our ward members and friends for some play time. My cousing Melinda had showed up to help us pack not knowing that we had gone to the hospital. When she arrived she found ward members cleaning our house. How amazing are they?! Later my visiting teacher drove to Omaha to pick up my parents from the airport and lent them her car to come to Lincoln. Trent was so anxious for them to come!


  1. Hang in there Holly and Trent. We're so grateful for the members and friends you have back there to help and that your parents are there. It would be impossible without it! You're in our fasting and prayers!

  2. wow- you guys are tough. Hang in there- Im so glad youre able to have moments when you can feel the spirit- in between the chaos. Thats what matters most. Wish we could've been there and had a party for Zach and your kiddos! We love you guys. Next time- I'd love to see pictures of Trents little 'jig' he does for the nurses! ;)