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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let Your Light So Shine

I found this draft of a post that Trent had started about a year ago.  I know he had things to say about this but he never got them written down.  He listened to this song a lot and shared the video with many people.  The first time I saw it I was so impressed with the style of video that I kind of missed the meaning.  Trent didn't though, he got it all.

I love this song and so did he. Pretty poignant now.


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  2. OK... tears to my eyes..... WOW, that's a super good video and music. It speaks so true that our love and relationships with those that pass can continue to grow and blossom beyond the grave, THANK GOODNESS is all I can say, because this life would be an intense nightmare without knowing that. It makes sense that Trent loves this song, because he has a strong understanding of this truth.
    SO, LOVE you Holly, the Firsts, the Seconds, and even the Thirds that we are on, are VERY EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. I do not know if you are ready for people to call you, but I would like to chat/cry with you. Wished I lived closer to just visit in person though...
    So LOVE you Holly... just keep blogging. I have found that it helps bring a tinsy bit of comfort to my broken heart. I hated having people remind me, the world remind me and tell me that my Caleb was gone, because physically yes, but I know he is not in all, so I started writing to him. Perhaps to feel closer to Trent you can write to him.
    I am always here to listen. XOXO