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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emotional Rollercoaster

After the biopsy yesterday. Trent had quite a time coming out of the anesthesia. The surgery took longer than usual because of the nature of the sarcoma. It took about three hours---three of the longest hours of my life. After the doctor came and briefed me on the surgery it took another hour and half before they let me see him. He looked awful but was trying to put on a good face.

This is the port they put in to administer the chemotherapy when he starts treatment. Still getting used to saying that.

After being extremely nervous and very teary all afternoon when I finally saw Trent everything seemed better. Even through his spell of vomiting-which I caught with the bedpan-it was just great to be with him. All evening we were super positive and upbeat. We fell into bed after picking up all the kids and I was out. Trent had a rough night trying to get comfortable. Then today happened. The emotional rollercoaster.

It was up and down for both of us all day but mostly we were crying tears of gratitude. We have so many great people praying for us and looking for ways to help. We counted today and know of at least six temples that have Trent's name in them right now. It is overwhelming. Today our ward fasted for us too so that probably accounts for most of the tears. We could feel it and it makes a difference. As I ran out to get the girls from school I found an envelope on our car. An anonymous gift that made me bawl-again!

When I got back from driving the girls home I immediately loaded Trent up to rush him to the surgeon here in Lincoln. He was bleeding pretty bad from his incision and we couldn't get it to stop. We finally got him wrapped up and taken care of. But it spooked him pretty bad. So now we have to head over to Omaha first thing in the morning to have him checked out again by the surgical oncologist to make sure everything is okay.

Dinner was brought in by an awesome family in our ward. We shed some tears together and exchanged words of comfort. We are so blessed to have such great friends!

The rest of the night was spent getting ready for my parents and Trent's dad to come. I have never been so happy for company in all my life! Well, yes I have...I guess I really mean that I have never been so relieved to have company. The kids are really excited to see them too. I know that it means a lot to Trent to have them come and we are grateful.


  1. I'm so glad to hear your parents will be there--it adds such a measure of comfort. I know what you mean about feeling the prayers and fasting--we felt it, too, when our baby was being life flighted. Faith is a powerful weapon!

  2. Hang in there Trent and Holly! I hope you have a speedy recovery! Thanks for the blog. It's nice to be able to know how he's doing. You've got a bajillion cousins all over the country praying for you and your family:)

  3. man, I wish I could come help and take your kids to play! I know there are A LOT of people there who want to help you guys! One day at a time. You can do it- youre in our prayers!!

  4. We love you guys so much and are always anxiously awaiting updates. You're in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do!

  5. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. We put Trent on the prayer role in the AZ Temple. I love the title of your blog, it's so true during difficult times. Wish we were there to help.

  6. Make that 7 temples. I'm sure you didn't count Manti.

  7. What faithful people surround you. How fortunate you are. For someone who's faith has floundered, I have been yanked up by the bootstaps. I had forgotten the power of prayer and fasting. I am humbled to my knees. I love you always.