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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CT Scan

Friday morning, May 7, 2010 was an early one for Trent. He got up just after 5 am to get to Omaha for a 7 am CT scan of his chest/abdomen/pelvis. He drove himself...BIG mistake. I stayed home to get the kids to school and we both figured Trent would be fine to drive himself over and back. Apparently we were very wrong. Trent had a really bad bout with the pain once he got there and then on the way back it was horrible. Lesson learned. I will now be driving Miss Daisy-I mean, Trent-to and from every appointment.

After feeling really good about Dr. Silva, Thursday was really very positive overall. But Friday was a different story. It is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute we are feeling very confident, and the next we are shaking with fear. We can definitely feel the prayers of our friends and family. Otherwise, I am not sure how we could hang on.

We expected to get results of the CT scan on Monday. It was a very long weekend with no news. Sunday evening the Rasmussen Family started a fast for Trent along with a few friends. Right around 4:00 Trent got a really overwhelming sense of peace and calm. We assume that was about the time everyone started fasting. We are so grateful for such a great support system. We have had many calls with well wishes. So many people-many not of our faith-have testified to us of the power of prayer and assured us we are in theirs. Hopefully, with so many prayers going up Heavenly Father will answer them just how we want! :)

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