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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Round 20!

The last couple of days have been a little more iffy than the weekend was.  Trent has been pretty tired.  I think it is mostly because he sweats like crazy at night and therefore doesn't get very good sleep.  For some reason that no one knows, cancer sweats only happen at night.  That means Trent naps for more of the day than normal and doesn't get really rested at night. 

He has also been more agitated lately.  He is frustrated by the lack of sleep and never feeling 'great'.  We agreed that round the clock Ativan was in order. :)  Other than the lack of sleep and anger, Trent seems to be doing much better.  The dark circles around his eyes are even starting to lighten up. 

We were scheduled for a visit with Dr. Gouw this morning and infusion this afternoon.  Trent was not feeling too hot when we left but seemed better by the time we made it to SLC.  On weigh in Trent had lost about 12 pounds from last Wednesday.  So unfair.  His heart rate was a bit high, probably because he had been walking around and he was just a bit nervous. 

When we finally saw Dr. Gouw he was amazed at Trent.  We reported everything that had transpired throughout the last week and how Trent was feeling.  Pretty much everything he wrote down was positive, except about the sweating and the anger.  He suggested trying Valium.  Normally they would treat the night sweats with SSRI's (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors)which we know are not good for Trent.  However, Valium has been used to help with the night sweats too, so we are killing two birds with one stone. 

Dr. Gouw really just sat there with a surprised and happy look on his face.  He said he was encouraged and that he couldn't take credit for the overall positive change.  He apologized if he was sort of doom and gloom last time.  We told him that is the nature of the beast and that we learned a long time ago that cancer IS doom and gloom but we had the choice about our outlook.  He agreed and said that he was very impressed with our attitudes and has been the whole time.  It has been the hardest thing we have ever faced and it is NOT easy to be positive, but it is definitely easier than living life with a crappy attitude.  We have shed buckets of tears over this but the peace we need so badly always comes.   And then, life goes on.

Trent did Round 20 today and there will be one more round before scans on the 8th of February.  We are so grateful for all of the prayers, and especially grateful that they are being answered.  We still have a long way to go but today was positive and we are going to celebrate that!


  1. Celebrating with you and saying prayers of thanks in Washington state!

  2. Yes! Celebrate the positive! And.. we are cheering as loud as we can!
    Wahhhooo Team Trent! :)

  3. It was great to see you two on Wednesday. Trent was looking much better.
    Jeff had the same night sweats. I would get up and turn the ceiling fan off and on all night.


    Get a stand up fan the Trent can turn on and off with with a remote control.

    Keep the faith!!!