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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Very Good Day

Last night was like having a newborn!  We were up every three hours, if not more, giving pain medicine and heading to the bathroom.  Lasix are not so great at night!  After a fitful sleep, I got up for breakfast.  I brought back as much food as I could hold for Trent to eat plus snacks throughout the day.  I am sure I looked like a pig with condiments and oranges stuffed in my pockets and carrying two overflowing plates. :) Oh well, just another sacrifice for my healing husband!  

Late last night Trent and I sat down for a "talk".  I initiated this one.  I told him we needed to discuss the Amish beard and the possibility of getting rid of it.  Seriously, he looks like Moes from "The Office".  Trent didn't seem too thrilled with the idea.  I really don't mind facial hair too much and I think Trent looks good with it.  Since he has had all this chemo he doesn't really grow any hair on his upper lip.   So when he grows facial hair it only comes in as a beard.  I don't love that look.  While I was down stuffing my pockets at the continental breakfast, Trent jumped up and shaved his beard.  (When I say "jumped" I really mean he hobbled along slowly.)  When I returned I didn't even notice until I saw his razor on the bathroom counter. That was a nice surprise!   

A clean shaven Trent!

How I love that smooth face!
Trent really had a pretty good day.  We walked the halls a little bit, rested a little bit, and talked a little bit.  We had a visit from the Home Health Nurse today.  Everything looks fine.  Blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate.  We will have another visit tomorrow and then we will be in Dr. Sugarbaker's clinic on Friday.  I am surprised by how much better he looks today.  Two more days of rest and I think he will be able to travel.  We are excited to see our kids and to be home.  Boston is great but home is better.


  1. Looking Good Trent! :)
    Love the pic of the 2 of you together.. and we are excited for you to return home..
    We are overjoyed with the "Good day" news. That is always great... :)
    Much Love

  2. Hi Holly,
    We briefly met randomly in the hospital last week. My husband also has sarcoma & had just had a wedge resection. I was happy to find your blog to get in touch with you. I am so glad to read that Trent is doing so much better, and also so happy that you are going to be able to go home soon.
    May you all continue to heal and have many more good days ahead. My email is Katie.thibault@gmail.com if you'd ever like to get in touch.

  3. I wish there was a 'like' button. :)

  4. gonna pray for you guys.
    give trent a hug from me for fighting so hard and not giving up. wish you all a peaceful christmas. take care,

  5. That is pure love right there for you, with Trent quickly shaving off his beard for his hot nurse after your loving conversation.... 'Priceless!' Had to giggle with that, the love between you two is so strong. Such a simple and loving gesture Trent did to tell you and show you how much he loves you. Thank you both for being such strong and powerful examples of that, and of so much more.