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Sunday, December 4, 2011

One of the Hardest Weeks Yet

The past week has been one of the worst yet.  Trent has been extremely ill and has not really gotten out of bed at all.  The few times he was up it was only to get clean clothes on and go lay on the couch instead of the bed. He has been in a tremendous amount of pain.  I called Katie at the Huntsman to get some help with the pain.  They couldn't get Trent into the pain clinic because they are booking patients three weeks out.  Dr. Gouw suggested alternating Ibuprofen and oxycodone to help with the pain from the pneumonia.  He also increased the dose on the oxycodone and that has helped quite a bit.

Trent is really needing a blood transfusion.  I am going to call the Huntsman tomorrow and see if they will test his blood and get him some more blood before we leave.  I am a little nervous about traveling with him when he is so weak.  I will probably have to put him in a wheelchair and have him drag the suitcases on each side.  I guess that is not so bad.  I just hope he can handle it and the travel doesn't wear him out completely.

I am really looking forward to going to Boston.  I dread each night and am counting down to the time that someone else has to worry about keeping Trent alive.  I am relieved every morning to see that he has made it through the night.  He hasn't been sleeping well and it is very painful for him to lay down.  It puts a lot of pressure on his heart and his lungs.  Unfortunately he is so weak he doesn't like to be up much.

We are getting ready to leave on Tuesday.  Our Christmas preparations are mostly done.  We are going very low key this year.  Jarom has already written a letter to Santa to ask him to come to our family when Trent and I come back.  So, I really have a little more time to prepare.  We are hoping to be back by the end of December, if all goes well.

We have once again, been humbled by the generosity shown to our family.  We are overwhelmed.  I hear stories of children praying for Trent and it brings me to tears every time.  I have no idea how many prayers are being said for him and how many pleas for a miracle have been made, but I am grateful.  I know that before this happened to us my head was buried way too deep in the sand.  I would hope that I will someday be able to respond to someone else as compassionately and generously as we have been treated.


  1. Much love and prayers headed your way.
    Can't wait till it is time for you to be resting comfortably back in Brigham City.
    As you know, we are only a phone call away- NO MATTER WHAT!
    We love your sweet family, more than you will ever know.
    Travel safe.. love, Nathan and Suzy

  2. Best to you as always. Can't wait for the next step. You guys are amazing, truly.

  3. I know that you have responded to our family with a large amount of compassion and love. The words you spoke in my home when we first met were the ones that brought a feeling of peace and comfort to my heart that has never gone away. Our prayers are with you and we are grateful for the concern you have for our family in return. I know that God is walking beside you....you can do this great, hard thing.

  4. You guys are amazing, and I think of your sweet family often, and you are in our prayers. I anxiously read your posts, often through tears. You faith is strong and such a testimony builder for many who know you. You guys will make it through this, hang in there!

  5. My family and I fasted and prayed for Trent and your family this past weekend. He continues to be in our prayers.

    I am wondering if you have looked into making the trip to Boston on a medical transport. Given Trent's condition right now, perhaps insurance would cover it? I wish I knew more about them, but here is one, for example: http://angelmedflight.com/

    Thinking of all of you and praying for many small and large miracles.