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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on Trent

Trent is doing somewhat better now that his heart can beat properly again.  The doctors fully expect his kidneys and liver to bounce back to normal soon.  The drain that they put in yesterday is still draining quite a bit of blood. They will have to put in a more permanent drain inside his body tomorrow.  He will be having a bronchoscopy (this will be the third bronchoscopy in six weeks) and they will be cutting a pericardium window.  The window is for the blood to drain from the pericardium into the chest cavity to be reabsorbed by the body.  

When I saw Trent today he was very tired but better able to breathe.  His lungs still hurt because of the tumor but at least his heart is not longer having the life squeezed out of it.  He looks a little beat up but is way better than yesterday.  It is hard to believe that all happened yesterday.  It seems like it was a million years ago.  Trent doesn't remember any of it.  He vaguely remembers being at the hotel and being very tired.  He asked me to repeat the day's events for him about three times.  I am so glad that the situation was taken care of so quickly, it easily could have turned out much worse.

A very, very tired Trent.

Looks a little beat up, but better.  He is even getting dark hair!

Joellynn and Nate with Trent in TICU (Thoracic ICU)
 As we talk to people at the hospital we get a great response from ALL of them about Dr. Sugarbaker.  People from all over the world are here to receive his care.  I have heard that this is the only TICU (Thoracic Intensive Care Unit) in the nation-possibly the world.  I haven't done my research on that so I am not sure it is true, but it is the first time I have even heard of a TICU.

All in all, it was a much better day than yesterday.  I am very relieved to have someone else watch Trent 24/7 to make sure he is taking his next breath.  I know he is in good hands and I feel really good about the situation.  There are more obstacles to overcome but we can do it.  WE CAN DO HARD THINGS.  I have learned that over and over again.  Just because it is hard does not mean it can't be done.

We are so grateful for all of your prayers and for putting Trent's name in the temple.  I know it is helping him.  THANK YOU!!!!  Your support is so important to us and the outcome.  Please put Dr. Sugarbaker and Dr. DaSilva in your prayers as well.  I really need them to have as much help as they can get.


  1. we are all praying for trent and all those who are caring for him... and will keep them coming your way... we are always here for you guys.. If you need anything we are only a phone call away.. Love you trent... wish we could be there with you.. but glad mom is there with you.. every hug she give's you is a hug from all of us... you are an amazingly strong, loving, kind, humble, faithfull, loving, funny, sweet, (and so much more) son, brother,father, husband, friend. we love you to life... love the Rasmussen clan...

  2. I am so glad to hear that Trent is feeling a little bit better. Praying, praying, praying for you all!

  3. We keep praying for you guys and so do our kids. We were saying prayers the other night and our oldest Sadie (who is 5) said in her prayer, and please bless Rob (we had to ask who Rob was), and she said, "You know the cousin who has the sore in his chest." We got a good laugh because she couldn't remember Trent's name. We have been checking your blog for updates...glad to hear that Trent is doing a little bit better. We are sending you our love!

  4. His color looks way better. Thanks for keeping us posted. I check every day. I know you too are suffering the effects of all this. Is there time for you to get a therapeutic spa treatment along with some relaxing aroma therapy? (Some times it good to refuel and get a tune up for the next, long up hill climb.) Rena

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