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Sunday, August 15, 2010

We LOVE Visitors!

Trent has done better this weekend. He has gotten better everyday. He still has his days and night mixed up but we are working on that. He has started walking with one crutch only and much of the time he doesn't use a crutch at all. Now we are staring down the last week before chemo again. Yuck. But, it does get us closer to another scan which are anxious for. We would love to see verification that our prayers are being answered. Don't let me fool you...we have seen many of our prayers answered lately and in ways we did not expect, but there are still more prayers we hope are being heard!

We had have many visitors this past week and we have LOVED IT!

Trent's brother's family.
Alex, Me, Trent, Troy, Kristi, Ben, and Rachel
This is Sam, our nephew, who stayed with us a week ago. He was loving that he and Trent had the same haircut and he rubbed Trent's head forever! So cute!

My sister and her family.
Dan, Melissa, Sam, Macy, and Amelia

My Uncle Kirk and Aunt Judy

Buddies from Trent's old work.
Trent, Kortney, and Derrek

Trent's brother's family.
Trent, Travis, Savannah, Angie, and Sophie

Then we had a special visit from our bishop and his family from Lincoln, Nebraska!
(Back row) Trent, Bishop Hahne, Matson, Me
(Front row) Sami, Jacob, Leann, and Emma
We were thrilled with all our visitors and love that they would take the time to come see us! Thank you so much for making our family feel loved!


  1. To be so loved and favored of the Lord is something to rejoice in. Few people have this sort of adoration. You are all truly blessed. And you are blessing the lifes of others. It is truly a wonderous thing....this getting and giving back...where everyone feels a part of the Lords plan. That is all HE has ever wanted, for us to feel HIS presence and to know that he is God. Lucky gift everyone.

  2. Trent and family,
    It looks like you were blessed with people this week and weekend. I am so happy for you that trent is feeling better. I use to work with Trent at Schriebers. I was sad that guys came without telling me. I have told them to tell me next time so I can try to come. Our prayers are with Trent and your family. Best Wishes to you on the scan. We all hope and pray for good news.
    Rachel Moody

  3. Wow..you've had tons of visitors. That is fun. Soon it will be me and the kids. Hopefully Court too.

  4. That Hahne Family, I tell you...... are one amazing family. That is one great picture of all of you. Makes me tear up again for our much loved Nebraska Home. Holly so glad to see and hear how well Trent is doing. Our hearts rejoice within us for you and your family, yet our prayers for you have not let up. Much Love to you guys. =)