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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slippery Slope

This chemo thing is a very slippery slope. One day you think you are doing okay and then the next you are sliding out of control and can't stop. That is what life has been for us. Trent has done really well this round with the nausea. But as he nears the neutropenic days his slope is quite slippery. He is completely zapped of all energy. He can hardly move. Today he was laying in bed unable to move. He looked paralyzed. He asked me for help to sit up so I started pulling on his arms. He just flopped over like a rag doll. Somehow, this struck me as very funny. So I started laughing and then I was no use at all. I couldn't pull him up for anything. Before he was sick we used to play a game with each other, "Lift me as if my life depended on it". Trent would say, "what if the house were on fire?" and then I would try to lift him with every ounce of muscle I could muster. Of course I failed miserably every time and would blame it on the lack of adrenelin. So today when I tried to lift him it just struck me as funny. Kind of sick, I know.

He is still eating really well but hates to take his pills. I have to put my foot down and force him to do it sometimes. He is getting really frustrated about not being able to be productive. His mind is a little mushy from being so tired and it irritates him.

He did not end up needing blood like the nurse predicted. I was looking at him yesterday and he was way too pink to need blood. We are expecting his levels to be way low on Thursday when they draw labs and he will most likely be neutropenic. Hopefully by next Monday he will start to feel a little better.

We are only two days away from being done with the IV antibiotics. That will be a big relief to have those done. I don't really mind doing it but I have to set my alarm to get up and change the meds. Then we change them five times throughout the day. It has been going on for six weeks now. I am sure Trent is more than tired of it. As soon as the meds are done they can de-access his port. It will be nice not to have a tube hanging from his chest all the time. And hopefully we will both get a little more rest!

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