Feed your FAITH and your fears will starve .

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hopeful Tomorrow

We are quickly drawing nearer to surgery. We are anxious, nervous, hopeful, and at peace. We got up this morning and decided we needed to be in the temple. So we packed up and went to Logan. It was quite the ordeal to get Trent there but we did it. As soon as I sent him off to the men's dressing room I turned around and asked a temple worker to keep an eye on him. Then I burst into tears and went to get dressed myself. We were only able to do sealings for about 15-20 minutes then went to the celestial room. I reread 3Nephi 17 and Trent prayed like crazy. I turned to him and told him I had received my answer six weeks ago and I have never doubted since. At that moment he received his answer. I am so glad we are both on the same page now! It is now our job to go forth with faith.

We left the temple and called Dr. Jones. Trent wanted to make sure the doctor knew him personally before he sliced him open. He expressed his concern about mobility. Dr. Jones was great. He told Trent he completely understood because he has four little children of his own. He told him he felt confident he could do the surgery safely and effectively and that the limp would most likely be barely noticeable. That did wonders for Trent. We still had some teary moments today but they are not panic like yesterday. In preparation for surgery my dad and brother gave Trent a blessing. It was perfect. I have faith that the blessings that were given will come to pass and the surgery will go well. I have a very strong testimony of the power of the priesthood and have witnessed it exercised so many times. I know we are going into this with the Lord watching over us. We will be blessed to handle whatever may come. Truthfully the "whatever" is still scary but I know we can endure. We have faced many challenges in life. None as great as this, but we will remain strong and grow through our trial. Thank you to all of you who have prayed and continue to pray for us. We feel the difference every day.


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to go to the temple and find some peace of mind at the end of the day! Thank goodness for the priesthood and the blessings you are receiving from above! I will be thinking and praying for you all continually! Especially today... Here's to the best possible outcome for Trent's surgery! We love you guys!

  2. Just want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Thanks for the blog updates. You are such a great example to us.

  3. I read a poignant comment yesterday after hearing of the results of the MRI. It reminded us that sometimes in life we think we want a certain result and feel betrayed and discouraged when we don't get it... only to realize later down the road it was for the better anyway. That's where the faith and trust comes into play, to accept those things we don't understand with the trust we are being watched over and guided from above.

    Our hearts are with you today and we'll be anxiously waiting to hear how the surgery goes. We're also so excited to have your children here next week... to hug them, play with them, love them and make them feel at home.

  4. My heart seriously hurts for you. I pray that all goes well.

  5. Trent, Holly & family,
    I'm Suzy Swartz's sister. I want you to know how much your attitude is an inspiration to us all. May the Lord bless and keep you through this very tough situation. People from all over are sending up prayers.