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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Day Down

The last couple of days have been a little rough. Let me re-phrase that...the last couple of NIGHTS have been a little rough, which makes for rough days. Trent has been up a lot at night, with pain, bathroom trips, IV med changes, and bad dreams. He has a hard time getting to sleep. He can't seem to make his mind shut down and let him rest. Unfortunately that means I am up a lot a night too. Two sleep deprived people don't make for a very effective team during the day. We are EXHAUSTED!!!!

Trent is going so stir crazy. I don't have time to sit with him all day long because I am taking care of kids and trying to work full time. So that means Trent spends some time alone just hanging out. For most of us that sounds HEAVENLY! :) But for Trent, it is making him crazy. I bought him a sketch pad, pencils, and oil pastels today so he could do something while he is resting. Hopefully this will help snap him out of his funk. I am hoping to get him outside tomorrow, at least for a minute, so he can get some fresh air. That might wake him up a little bit.

We ran out of pain meds today so I called the doc only to find out I have to physically hold the paper prescription to get it filled at the pharmacy. So Michael, our patient care coordinator made a trip to Ogden to meet me and give me the script. I am sure that was above and beyond his job description and I am so thankful he did that for us! He has been awesome. He has a nice soft voice and always knows when to say something and when to just lay a hand on your back and wait for you. I have been really impressed with him. Another reason it is good to be at the Hunstman!


  1. Hey Holly, This is Tana (Wheeler) Weaver. I just wanted to tell you that you guy are in our thoughts and prayers.. And I hope your husband get better fast..

  2. Wow, I can't believe they met you in Ogden. How nice. Hope Trent is doing a little bit better and that the two of you can get some sleep!

  3. sounds like youre hangin in there- my kids said he just needs a wii to play! That could keep him busy while hes recovering. Youre in our prayers!!!

  4. These prayers that your friends are saying are having good effect. I add mine. Spend some time while you're down studying the scriptures or listening to some devotionals. Your name came into my mind three times tonight. I am Karyn Madsen's brother. I send my very best.

  5. Congratulations to all you little love bugs! It is so nice to read GOOD NEWS about you. The pictures of Trent are GREAT!!

  6. It was so great to see Holly & the kids in church Sunday. Adam told me that Trent was stronger and is looking so good. Our prayers are with you, Trent plus all of your extended family as well.