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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Round 22

The last few days have been pretty fabulous all things considered.  Trent has done pretty well with only minor disturbances.  We headed down to SLC yesterday for round 22.  All the way down Trent was joking and laughing and just being himself.  It was delicious. :)

Right before we checked in we saw Mark and LaDena.  Mark still has a full head of hair!  He says he has lost 60% of his hair but you could have fooled me!  Of course, his grandmother was a hair model for Clairol so he obviously has great genes.  We shared some peppermint with Mark hoping to help with his nausea.  It was so fun to see our friends.  That is always a "pick me up" for us!

When Trent weighed in he was up about six pounds from last time.  Yay!  All of his labs look really good.  He has remained stable or improved on most of them.  Another YAY!  All during infusion Trent was doing great.  I was watching closely to see when it started to hit him.  He surprised me though.  Even as we were leaving he was still laughing and joking.  That lasted for about 25 minutes.  Then he started quieting down and in another 15 minutes he was moaning.  Not fun.  By the time we got home we was ready for bed.  We all checked in early last night hoping to sleep it off.

I was thinking we had pretty much gotten a handle on the night sweats.  Last time we were down for Infusion we spoke to a nurse who told us that for breast cancer patients who have night sweats they sometimes prescribe Neurontin.  Katie reminded me that Neurontin is very similar to Lyrica, which Trent is already taking.  So I started giving him his prescribed dose of one per day.  We had been cutting back to one every other day because he takes it for nerve pain which has been under control for quite some time.  Upping the dose seemed to help a lot until last night.  He was up again to change his clothes because he was so sweaty, but I don't think it was nearly as bad as it used to be.

As of now, Trent is feeling yucky but doing okay.  I am sure that will change around six o'clock tonight when I have to give him the Neupogen shot.


  1. Sharing gratitude for every good-feeling minute Trent has, and praying for more in this next round. May angels surround all of you to strengthen you and bring you glimpses of the promised joys ahead of you.

  2. Sounds very encouraging. It's always great to have Trent joking and being himself. Hopefully the down time won't be too long and you'll be climbing out of it. I miss you all everyday. It was fabulous to see you and be with you for a few short days. There are joys ahead of you!!