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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Keeping Busy

I have decided that instead of wallowing through the holidays being sad and lonely, as a family we are going to stay busy.  It doesn't take the sting away but hopefully we can enjoy at least some of the things we did with Trent.

Last Saturday was the first day of our busy holiday plan.  After we cleaned for a bit in the morning, I went shooting with my brother, Josh.  We took Jarom and his friend Tyler too.  Did I mention how much I am loving shooting?  This time I practiced on moving targets.  We forgot the clay thrower so Josh just chucked the clay in the air for me to shoot.  I nailed the first one.  Josh didn't say a word.  But after I missed the next eight he laughed and said I couldn't hit the side of a barn.  Luckily I got better and hit quite a few after that.  I think I am going to have to take Hunters Safety with Jarom and Zach so we can justify getting a gun for our family.  I am surprised how much it helps me to get some stress out that way.

Jarom taking aim
As we were leaving Greg called and said he was going to be in Brigham and wondered if we wanted to go to dinner.  So I packed up all the kids and we headed out to Wingers.  We had a great time and got some fun panoramic pictures with Greg's iphone.
Jarom, Zach, Holly, Jonny, Megan, Mallory, and Greg

We already had reservations for a play being performed at the community theatre, A Christmas Carol.  We invited Greg to tag along, which he did.  We had a good laugh when we got there because right above the ticket counter was a cast photo from a production of Carousel from 1992 and I was in it!  I had no idea that picture was still up and the kids were pretty impressed.  
Megan, Jarom, Jonny, and me at the Heritage Theatre

Unfortunately the fun ended when we got home.  I started thinking how much fun we had and that it should have been Trent with us, not Greg.  (No offense Greg!)  That started the bawling, again.  Luckily I got a call from a widower friend and we bawled together.  He was having a rough day too.  You know the saying, "Misery loves company."  Well, it is kind of true.  The holidays are a pretty rough time and I am very grateful for my new little circle of friends who truly know how I feel.  I hate that we are all in this situation but it really does help to talk it out with someone who can relate.

So my plan continued onto Sunday and Zach spent some time making gingerbread cookies.  He did very well and we all enjoyed decorating a gingerbread man to eat.  Monday night for family home evening we decided to do some "doorbell ditching" with treats for a few people.  Mallory wanted to practice on the neighbors across the street. Uh, no.  That is not polite unless you leave a treat!  We all piled into the suburban to find our victim's houses.  All the kids were decked out with dark clothes and masks.  Jonny even had his Spider-man mask on!  All I had was my phone so it is not a great picture.  Megan has taken over my point and shoot camera for her photography class.

Zach and Jonathan ready for some doorbell ditching!
All was going well and we were being successful in our ditching until someone, who shall remain nameless, jumped out to get a gift from the back of the suburban and nailed another nameless someone on the head with the door.  I heard a bump and a crash.  I jumped out to find one child completely laid out on the road and the other standing over him/her trying to get them up.  After a quick pupil check and short lecture we were on our way again.  Whew.  Family Home Evening is tough, but we made it.  Now, to fill the calendar for the rest of the month!


  1. Filling the days with beautiful thoughts and actions will get you through and even bring you closer to Trent. He was a giver and you are doing exactly what he would want. It's hard hard hard. I know every Christmas song,every decoration brings me to him. Do exactly what you are doing and it will be a wonderful month for you all.