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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beautiful Dream

So far we have done pretty well at keeping busy.  We attempted some more doorbell ditching the other night .  At the very first house Mallory and Jarom jumped out to get the gift out of the trunk of the car.  Two seconds later Mallory was bawling at my door that she had just gotten hit on the head with the trunk door!  I couldn't believe it!  Are we cursed or something?  Next time we try to do secret service we are all wearing helmets!

Saturday morning my kids got to participate in the Shop with a Cop program.  I dropped them off at the assigned place and got them all signed in.  The room was full of cops, volunteers, and happy little kids in unfortunate circumstances.  Sadly, we knew quite a few of them.  Cancer stinks!

As I was getting ready to leave I noticed that Zach was out of sorts.  He was mad because he didn't want to be babied just because something bad happened to him and he would rather give than receive.  I tried to tell him to just enjoy it because all these people were trying to do something nice for him.  Of course, that got the tears started and I left the building bawling my eyes out.  Ugh.

When I went to pick them up they were all very excited.  I met each of the cops that helped each child.  One cop reached out and gave me a big hug as I thanked him.  Yes, tears were flowing!  A woman named Penny whom I have never met, came to me and asked if I was Megan and Zach's mom.  I told her I was and she started crying.  She told me how impressed she was with my beautiful children but then left without saying why.  You know it...more tears!  I am very grateful to such a wonderful community reaching out to us and others at this time of year.

Yesterday I got to go shooting again only this time it was with a camera. :) A friend asked if I would take her family pictures. I was happy to do it and it was a good chance to practice with my new camera. Greg came along to give me some pointers.  It was freezing and the family has a newborn baby so we had to be quick.  We took pictures for a bit then jumped in our cars to warm up before taking more.  It was really fun for me and the family was super cooperative and patient with me.

Me and my "subject"!
I woke up before five this morning and laid in bed thinking about Trent.  Eighteen years ago today I met my soul mate.  Trent and I were both attending Ricks College and I was working at Broulim's Supermarket.  I had been dating a guy for a little while and he had asked me to the Christmas dance which was on December 10.  However, a few days prior his roommate made a derogatory comment about my roommate so I broke up with him.  Logical right? ;)  I can't explain it, it just happened.  Anyway, that made me available on the 10th, which is the important part.

Trent came into the store and I saw him talking to a group of girls for a long time before he came to my register.  I had never seen him before so when he told me he had a question for me I assumed he was going to ask me something stupid like how to make cookies.  (Guys would come through my line and ask me that all the time--as if because I was a girl I had recipes memorized! Oh brother!)  Instead he asked me out for the following night.  I said, "Who are you? I don't even know your name!"  He introduced himself and the first thought that went through my head was, "Holly Rasmussen, yeah that sounds good."  I was never the type of girl to doodle my boyfriend's last name or anything so that really surprised me.  In fact, I had never had a boyfriend for longer than three months because I would get sick of them.  Anyway, I accepted and the rest is history.  I had no idea how that moment would change my life forever.

So today I am missing the love of my life, wishing he was here with me.  Thankfully I have five pieces of him that keep me going every day.  This morning Jonathan came running into my room and said,

"Mom, I had a good dream last night! I dreamed we were going camping and packing stuff!"

My reply:
"Oh good! Was daddy with us?"

Jonathan (in a wistful voice):
"Yes...in my beautiful dream."

That is my beautiful dream too Jonny.


  1. Holly you have a fantastic love story. I'm so glad for you that it will continue! I bet Trent is thinking of that same fateful day and remembering those same things...and looking forward to a beautiful dream to come!

    We are thinking of you always. Hope your holidays will be filled with tender mercies.

  2. A Beautiful Dream that WILL come true! Keep trying to stay busy, that is the right path... an idle mind with time is not a good thing!!!
    Thinking of you, Love You! =)Tanya

  3. I totally remember how giddy Trent was over that Christmas holiday. Funny how I remember it. No doubt he was smitten and I wondered WHO you were.
    Do u know how much you were loved? It was soooo sweet. In all this pain you are still one of the lucky ones.