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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Straight Line out of a Curved Path

Trent was able to go to church with us on Sunday.  He stood up to share his testimony and made me bawl.  Of course.  We continue to be amazed and so grateful for all the love and support along with many prayers that have been given us.  I cannot deny that we are being carried through this whole experience.  The load seems to be just a bit lighter than it normally would be, thank goodness for that!

We headed to SLC bright and early yesterday.  Trent had round 24 of chemo a day early because the Infusion room was completely full for Wednesday.  While we were there Dr. Jones stopped in to see us and get permission to use Trent's story in a book he is writing. He was absolutely amazed at how good Trent looked.  He was all smiles, ear to ear.  It was great to see that reaction!  He said Trent looked better than he had ever seen him.   Yeah baby!  We chatted with Dr. Jones for about an hour about cancer and patient/doctor communication.  The whole premise of his book is that doctors need to have more open, honest conversations with their patients and be willing to admit sometimes that they just don't know what will happen.  Most doctors want to give you hope, sometimes falsely, and paint a confident picture of what will happen if you follow protocol.  We all know that is not Dr. Jones' approach.  He wants each patient to know exactly what they are facing, and still give them hope.   We have to be informed patients!  I told him out of all the doctors we have seen, he has spoken the most frankly with us.  I am still not 100% sure that is a redeeming quality for him. :)

As we were talking with Dr. Jones, I told him that no matter what happens, we are going to be okay.  We have included the Lord in every decision we have made and we feel like we have done what He has directed.  Even if the course we took did not lead to a speedy recovery, I know we were led by the Lord.  Dr. Jones smiled and said that he believes the Lord can make a straight line out of a curved path.  I believe that too!  Two trips to Boston hoping for a radical surgery and what we got was a successful chemo regiment?  If that is not a straight line, I am not sure what is.  As we are winding our way through this whole mess I can't help but notice how our priorities are changed, the things we value are different, and our vision is more focused.  Another straight line.  I can look back at our lives and see the curvy path we have followed and recognize the gentle guidance of a loving Heavenly Father, leading us to the straight path.  I recently read a quote by President Ezra Taft Benson that basically said the thing we will be most surprised by when we pass through the veil is how familiar our Heavenly Father's face will be to us.  I  have no doubt that is true.


  1. Cheers to the straight path, not the easy path but the true and ONLY path. Thank goodness for such a loving Father who is so loyal to us his children... what ever would we do without him???
    Just read a scripture 1 Corinthains 12:26, "And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it: or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it."

    So many tears of JOY, as we REJOICE with you! =)Tanya

  2. Ditto...just awesome!

  3. Love the thought of making a straight line out of a curved path. All of our paths are curved and they do all need to be straightened by a loving Father in Heaven. It is so amazing and wonderful that he knows the plan he has for us. We can so totally trust that. We are guided and held through all of our lives. No matter what our circumstances, He is there, and His Son has atoned for all of our pain. We are loved.

  4. I think Dr.'s want to give hope when there might not be much hope is because of the power of it. The positive attitude the contributes to wellness is based on hope. Then again with bad news some people just dig in their heels and say, "I don't care what that Dr. says, I'M GOING TO LIVE!" Trent epitomizes both, as do you Holly. Rena

  5. Oh Rasmussen Family!!! We are so excited and grateful for all of your "Good News!" We love it! You guys are made of Steel! Way to go! Keep smiling

    Love ya! Jayna

  6. is there a chance to get trent to the Burzynski clinic? please, please take a minute to check Dr. B. out, he could be a huge help for trent.
    i give you a video link. i know it is a 2 hours video, but i plea you to watch it. this is so important to know for you. please watch this video.


    love, dakota

    1. We have actually been learning about Dr. Burzynksi already. I would love to watch the video and learn as much as I can. Thank you for caring enough to post this for us!