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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mallory's Drawing

Mallory brought this picture she drew home from school last week.  I wanted to keep it forever so now it is up on the blog!  It is a picture of Trent laying in his bed watching TV.  There is writing on the blanket that I couldn't figure out for a while.  Then I realized she has written the names she associates with all the blankets Trent uses.  (Boise State, Nebraska, Love Family, and Camping)   All of these blankets were either made or purchased for Trent since his diagnosis.  The little pink box by the bed is his barf bucket.  She has also been leaving Trent messages on his Wellness Wheel that I laminated for him.  Her most frequent message is, "I love dad. Git rid of cansr."  Oh my, Mally-Wally-doodle-all-the-day, I love you!


  1. love that girl- you guys are amazing! love from the drapers.... xoxo

  2. Oh Mallory. What a fine picture you have drawn. It shows your special heart and your special concerns. Your daddy will love you forever. All the things you wrote about are so important. Good friends DO help you make good choices. Do that every day of your life and your daddy will be so happy. I love you! Grandma