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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Haircut 2.0

It was just over one year ago that we cut Trent's hair the first time.  In some ways I can't believe the time went so fast but then it also seems like this year has dragged on forever and I am shocked that we are still in the thick of the cancer battle.  It was also one year ago today that Trent had the surgery on his hip.  It was a day full of nerves, tears, and hope.  He has done so much better than I ever dared to hope!  Sometimes I hardly even notice a limp at all-just as Dr. Jones predicted.  He rarely has pain in his hip anymore and nobody can really tell he has anything wrong except when he goes to church and has to tuck in his shirt.  Airport security noticed as well but that is a story for another post! 

Back to the haircut...he really did not want to do it but it was seriously time.  Last night I finally convinced Trent that bald is more beautiful than looking like the Phantom of the Opera when his mask gets ripped off. 



Notice that his expression didn't change much between before and after.  He was not feeling great at all.  The neulasta/chemo was really hitting him right then. 

This week has been a little hit and miss for us.  Monday we took the kids to see a movie in the park and had a great time.  Trent was feeling good and it was nice to do something as a family.  We had just barely tucked the kids in bed and fallen asleep when we were woken up by sounds of barfing and screaming.  Sigh.  Jonathan had lost his cookies all over the bed that he and Mallory share and she was screaming about having barf in her hair.  That was a long night.  Over the next two days Mallory and Jarom also got the barfs. 

Wednesday we went for the second dose of chemo and Trent was doing pretty well.  We asked for more oxycodone and that got Grace all worried.  She came in to check on Trent to see where the pain was.  Really he is doing great but we know how hard Neulasta kicks so we wanted to be prepared.  After chemo Trent had an MRI.  We did not see Dr. Jones but Nancy promised he would look at the MRI and call if anything was wrong.  So far we have not heard from him.  Yeah! 

We also stopped by Mark and LaDena's (if you don't remember them you can read about it here ) hotel for a visit and ended up getting a bite to eat with them.  They are such interesting people!  I could listen to them talk all day long.  We had a really fun time with them and are wishing them all the best as they await results of their own.

Friday we were supposed to head out of town but the barfs landed on me and Zach.  Trent was not feeling well at all so we decided to wait it out and maybe go in the morning.  Hopefully we will be heading out soon with the camping supplies, necessities for 7 people for three days, treats, entertainment, masks, medical supplies, and pharmacy in tow.  Between five kids and Trent it takes a lot of stuff to have fun!  Better get packing!

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  1. Hoping the barfs have left..Happy 4th!

    P.S. Phantom hair isn't ALL bad, but I do like bald too. :)