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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Mo" Waiting!

The last week has not been too bad.  We were totally geared up for a horrible round 16 and it only turned out to be somewhat horrible.  After all the anger dissapated Trent was back to his usual jovial self.  What a welcome relief!  Each day Trent has gotten better and better.  Yesterday he was singing and dancing while we were all getting ready for church.  He kept yelling that he felt so good.  It was so fun to see him like that!  I giggled all day about it. 

Trent has started to gain back a bunch of the muscle mass that he lost.  He has been flexing his "guns" and wanting me to feel them.  His forearms look/feel like they used to, minus a little hair. :) 

He also got the most GARGANTUAN cold sore on his upper lip this week.  It was so swollen!  I could hardly look at him without laughing.  He looked just like "Mo" on the Simpsons.  Hilarious!  I am sure he did not think it was that funny though.  He pretty much lived on Otterpops to bring down the swelling.  I happened to mention it to Grace and she had me start him on Acyclovir.  That seemed to take the punch out of it but he still has a giant scab. 

He told me last night that he can still feel the tumor in his lung.  Not great to hear but it doesn't seem to bother him like it did before so that has to be a good sign.  We are getting anxious for the scan on Wednesday.  It is a big one for us.  I spent some time this afternoon looking for clinical trials that he could possibly qualify for if he needs to.  I used to have the idea in my head that a clinical trial was a death sentence, a last ditch effort.  Well, it is a last ditch effort but the results seem to be way better than a death sentence.  As I was looking through all the clinical trials many of them required the tumor to be non-resectable.  That actually made me feel good because the last thing we heard was that Dr. Karwande was confident he could remove the tumor again, despite the size.  Usually researching on the internet is a no-no for me but this time it made me feel pretty good about our chances. 

We are looking forward to the next step with great optimism.  We will again be fasting on Wednesday, so if anyone would like to join us and add your prayers to ours we would love it!  Crossing our fingers for awesome news....


  1. Here is the sweetest most amazing couple EVER!!
    So love you guys!
    Please know that you have our full support and loving prayers on this Wednesday, we are honored to be fasting with you. May the doors of heaven open up and down pour blessing of peace and contentment to your family.

  2. We're crossing our fingers here, too :)

  3. Fingers and toes crossed! and Ms. Holly, you look so cute in that hat! I just love ya! Can't wait for Wednesday!