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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crazy Week

Last week we started Round 11. The very next day was a crazy one.  However, this time is was not because of Trent.  Guess who, yep Jonathan-again.  I was just finishing up work and taking care of a few bills when Mom brought Jonathan to me with an empty package of pills.  She had no idea what it was but I did.  It was Trent's nausea pills, individually wrapped in foil packaging.  I can NEVER get those darned things open but somehow Jonathan did and started downing them.  At first I panicked, then was like, "Can I handle one more thing right now?".  I pushed all that aside and dialed poison control.  I could only guess at how many pills Jonathan had taken but, as many as four possibly.  I know he had at least one because I could see it in his teeth.  It was Ondansetron, a sweet little pill that you dissolve under your tongue to get to your bloodstream fast.  Great.   Poison control couldn't give me a lot of info on what might happen to him so he sent us to the ER.  I scooped up Jonny and headed out.  When we got to the ER we were fourth in line behind a cardiac patient, a little girl with croup, and someone who had slashed his finger.  I was a little miffed at first because of course I thought my emergency was the most serious.  But in reality, it wasn't.  As I watched Jonny play I knew he would be okay if he had to wait a little bit.  But while we were waiting he stood up on the chair and took one step-right in between the seats and went crashing down.  Luckily I caught him by his coat before he hit the floor.  At least I was already in the ER in case he needed stitches too! 

The doctor came out and assured me the levels of drugs Jonathan had in his system were not toxic and that of all the drugs he could have taken Ondansetron was pretty safe.  Then he added, "They use this drug in really massive doses for chemo patients".  Uh..yep, I know. 

We ended up hanging out and watching Shrek 3 for a couple of hours so Jonny could be monitored.  He didn't really ever show any symptoms except being little sick to his stomach and reaching for things that weren't there.  I don't know what got into him but he started peeing all over the place.  He peed his pants several times before we got out of there.  I was too tired to even be ticked.  When we got home I pulled him out of the car and that's when he lost it.  He screamed like crazy because I didn't let him step out of the car by himself.  That was it.  I was done.  I mechanically scooped him up and dragged him to the tub.  I think he screamed for ten minutes, at least.  I didn't even care.  I could see he was going to be fine and I didn't even bother to try to console him.  I guess the mommy in me had already checked out at that point. 

The first week of Round 11 was actually better than we thought it would be.  Trent struggled a little with some pain but mostly sailed right through.  He even made it to the Temple just two days after chemo.  That was a fiasco though.  We only wanted him to go if he could not be a spectacle all night.  Yeah right.  It all started when he brought an expired recommend.  Good thing my dad was with us and just happens to be our Stake President.  Then he went upstairs when he should have done down, and I never saw him come out of the dressing room.  I waited forever!  I was sure he had fallen somewhere.   When I finally found him they took us to the room before everyone else to wait.  We had to sit together because he was so weak and they escorted us first through the end of the session.  Talk about all eyes on Trent and Holly.  Sheesh. 

On Wednesday he got the second dose of chemo for Round 11, also known as THE LAST CHEMO FOR TRENT!  They sang to him and gave him a cute blanket as his graduation gift.  The plan now is to see the surgeon and hope he will do the surgery.  We meet with him on Tuesday and are very anxious to see what he has to say.  This surgery is going to be very pricey and it is out of network for us.  I am working on trying to get things worked out so we don't get surprised by the bills afterward.  We have the Financial Counselor at the Huntsman working on it too.  Hopefully her expertise will find a way to make it all happen. 

Taxotere has really done a number on Trent this week.  He gets really emotional and angry when he is on this drug.  I have to remember it is just the chemo when he acts crazy and not let it affect me.  That's kind of hard to do.  But it always goes away and Trent is Trent again. 

Today he tried to go to church.  He looked terrible.  He only made it through the sacrament before he had to leave.  He basically fell out into the aisle while I was trying to catch him and get Jonathan to come with us.  He made it out to the hall before he fell down into a classroom.  He just laid there not wanting to move.  He wanted me to shut the door and come get him after it was over.  Finally as I was trying to hoist him up by myself a guy asked if I needed help.  Yep, that would be nice.  We got him outside and I ran for the car-did I mention that HE drove the car over?  Yikes!  I didn't have any idea he was planning on that.  I finally got him home and got him to bed.  What a mess.  I wish he wouldn't push himself to do stuff like that because it always turns out crazy and everyone gets to see it.  How dramatic. 

So anyway, this week our meeting with the surgeon will answer many questions and set a clear plan of action.  We are crossing our fingers and keeping the prayers going up. 


  1. Congratulations on graduating from chemo! We wish you the best as you prepare for the next steps in the healing process.

  2. Wow, the drama. Poor Johnny. Glad he is OK. Hope you and Trent are OK too. The end is in sight!

  3. Johnny Johnny Johnny, Whoops Jonny Johnny. Ever do that little game on your kids fingers? That boy that boy! I am glad he is okay. Does everyone at every hospital know you on a first name basis? I am so eager and excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what the surgeon has to say. It's such a turning point. I continue to trust in the Lords miracles. You have all been brought to this point for a purpose. The healing process continues. I heard of a special miracle from a speaker in Sacrament Meeting Sunday. He is a survivor of Ewings. I'll share his sweet experience on the phone. Wow, he too has a greater purpose. The Savior knows and loves us all. Rejoice.

  4. Todd was the same way. I think it's because these men are tough and really want things to be as "normal" as possible. We had several instances with Todd like that...ended up being kindof a pain, but he "had" to do it. Call it what you want, stubborness, or determination, maybe a little bit of both :)

    Love you both so much...can't wait to hear more good news.


  5. Holly-
    Your strength does not cease to amaze me. You are incredible. I hope you know that.