Feed your FAITH and your fears will starve .

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is Dakota Wilson.  We have known her and her family since she was about six.  They are some of the most amazing people we have ever met and have become our dear friends.  We learned that she had written this song for us and were so touched.  We were so impressed!  It is a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful girl, with a beautiful message.  It comes at a time that I needed to be reminded of the simplest thing.  Pray.  Our prayers have never stopped but I know they can become repetitious.  We pray not only for Trent's healing but for patience and endurance. We pray for the ability to endure this trial WELL. At this point it is wearing on us and we are anxious for the end of it. We are looking forward to the day when our daddy can be our daddy again.

Much love and thanks to Dakota for this much needed sentiment! 


  1. What a jewel of a song that Dakota made in your honor. Tears are flowing with you and for you by me tonight. As I have listened to Dakota's song and look at your beautiful pictures off to the right; my heart is so full of Thanks Giving to our Savior Jesus Christ. It is very irritating when we want the rainbow and all we seem to get is rain. I have so much Hope and believe that that rainbow is just around the corner for us all. Especially at this time of year knowing that Christ came once, and he is going to come again! And he will wipe away all our tears, with bring healing in his wings.
    Thank you Dakota for such a remarkable song. Oh, oh how we all love the Rasmussen's.

  2. What a beautiful girl. I am so impressed and touched by what she has written and sung. Blessings are all around us. She isn't just touching Trent, but his family and his families family and his friends, and our friends. See, it goes through every being. We are bound by the eternal truth of a Father who loves us and holds us within the tender arms of this love. You are okay, Trent and Holly, Megan, Zach, Jarom, Mallory, Jonathan. You are in the hands of the Savior. You are safe. You may be scared. We are all scared, but we are all safe and this is but a moment. I love you.

  3. and ps....TRENT....I have never noticed this before but I totally see my father in you. I have never seen him in anyone. You are such RASMUSSENS that I forget there are other people involved in your genes!! I see him. I see his smile and it made me cry. I have not looked into the face of my dad for many many years. But he is there and you are of him also. So special.

  4. Hi Holly and Trent, I don't know if you remember us but we lived in Providence. Destiny posted this on facebook the other day and that is when I heard about Trent's cancer. I have thought about you nonstop for the last few days. I talked with Amelia Hurst yesterday about you and she told me you have a blog so I googled it. I hope that is ok. Our family is praying for you and your sweet family. Our son Dylan is the same age as Megan and Kesley is close to the age of Zach.

    Good Luck and more prayers are being sent everyday.
    Love Mark, Adrian, Dylan, Kesley and Kylie Fluckiger.