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Monday, December 6, 2010

More Good News!

The tumors are STILL SHRINKING!  The scan today showed more positive progress.  When Grace, the PA, came in she was all smiles.  She asked if Trent wanted to do two more rounds of chemo and we both said, "YES!"  There are currently four nodules in the right lung and three in the left.  However, two in the right lung and all three in the left have not changed at all and they are the size of BB's so they are not really concerned about those right now.  The two larger nodules in the right lung have made a "significant change".  Dr. Gouw said it is better to have the big spots in the right lung because there are three lobes in that lung and one could be removed along with the tumors if need be.  He also said not to get our hopes up but he would now entertain the idea of contacting a thoracic surgeon and reviewing Trent's scans with him.  He told us that when he had mentioned that before he really did not think we would ever get to that point.  He said that when he first met us and saw that the tumors did not respond to the first chemotherapy drugs he didn't think he could do anything to help us.  WHAT?!  It's a good thing he did not tell us that because we totally believed the opposite.  And still do! 

Trent is now on Round Nine overall but Round Five of Gemcytobine and Taxotere.  Traditionally round 5 and 6 are worse for the patient.  The doctors talked about seeing how round 5 goes and then evaluating whether or not to do six.  I couldn't understand why we would want to quit if we were getting positive results!  They all just kind of smiled at me.  That makes me a bit nervous.  We assured them we are going to do six.  So two more rounds and then a scan on Jan 19.  If the positive trend continues we will then meet the thoracic surgeon.  That should be a very interesting conversation!  We are a bit anxious about what lung surgery would entail but very willing to go through with it if it means remission.

Trent's labs were a low today but stable.  We are planning on a transfusion next week with the second dose of chemo.  That should perk Trent up a little bit.  Grace also gave him permission to keep a bag of peanut butter cups by his bed so he can get some more protein.  I am afraid that allowance might get abused! :)

All of our "Huntsman Family" was very excited to hear more positive news.  However, we almost feel guilty enjoying it when so many others are not hearing good news.  It has been very eye opening to see how much suffering is going on.  We have been truly blessed and are so grateful for the good news today.  We know the road is not going to be easy or short, but when you travel with the Lord and all of the family and friends that we have, the journey is do-able.  We are so grateful for your prayers and compassion. It makes all the difference in the world for us.  Once again our prayers have been answered and our testimonies strengthened. 

Monday, December 6, 2010 was a very good day for us!  We are praying for many more good days to come!


  1. That is INCREDIBLE!! I'm so happy and excited for all of you! You are the strongest people I have ever known! My testimony is strengthened by you every time I read your blog! Thank you for being such good examples to us! We pray for you all continually and are so excited to hear such positive news! Yay! We love you all!

  2. Our hearts are REJOICING with you! What a great day Dec 6th was. =)

  3. YEAH!!! Always good to hear some good news!


    The Breinholt's

  4. We are so happy to hear the news! Keep it up!
    --The Churchs

  5. Everyday I wait with bated breath for a post. When it's good news, like this, I do a happy dance in your honor ;) YEAH!! Keep up the good work - - you're all STILL AMAZING!!

  6. I am beyond thrilled for you guys. What wonderful news. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!

  7. I am so happy for you guys!!! It is fantastic to know that all of the bad days that you have had to go through can be paid off with great news. Yeah!!!

  8. What doctors don't know!!!! It's "practicing" medicine for a reason. I realize they do all they can, but there is a higher being in charge. You have obviously beaten many odds. You are in a refiners fire and you will live to tell the tale of faith triumphing. Rejoice.