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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Round Eight

Trent did not end up needing blood yesterday but his albumin levels are pretty low.  That means he is eating steak and peanut butter for every meal!  Yeah for him.  We have been trying to get him suped up on protein for the past few weeks but it was not quite enough.  He also had gained ten pounds in the last two weeks.  Whoot Whoot, Right!  No, really it is because he is retaining water and had to be put on lasix which he hates because it makes him use the bathroom a ton.  I had noticed he had some major cankles the last couple of days but usually when he swells I see it in his eyes first.  It shouldn't take too long to get the water out. 

We also had about the best infusion ever yesterday.  We sat next to a really cool guy named Dov.  He has colorectal cancer that has spread to his liver, kidney, and lymphnodes.  Three years ago they gave him less than two years to live.  But he is still kickin.  He has a super positive, but realistic attitude and it was great to talk to him because he knows exactly how it is.  We talked a lot about appreciating our own trials.  "At least I don't have to deal with                "  You fill in the blank.  Even through all that he has faced he still says that.  He was pretty cool and we had a really fun time talking to him and his mother. 

We had a couple of funny chemo moments in the past few days.  Just to give you a glimpse of what chemo does to your brain, here are some great examples...

While watching TV a commercial came on playing Silent Night.  Trent turns to me and says, "That is a really pretty song, is that a Christmas song?"  Uhh....yep.

Then yesterday as we were coming home from the Huntsman we passed a store called "Kneaders".  Trent says, "K-neaders, what kind of a name is that?"  We both had a good laugh about that one!

I had to laugh today because from the time Trent got up until he laid down for a nap, he talked about food nonstop.  No-really.  NON-STOP.  Every sentence started with, "Wouldn't it be really good to make..." or "I saw this thing on the Food Network..."  My mom and I were pretty good to humor him and listen to all of his Foodies. 

Tomorrow we go back down for the MRI and a follow up with Dr. Jones, the surgeon.  I am pretty excited because there are two stitches that were left behind in Trent's leg that are trying to work themselves out.  I have offered time and time again to pull them for him.  But Trent won't let me near them.  I think I will ask Dr. Jones if I can take them out tomorrow!


  1. You guys just keep movin' on and inspiring everyone. Those are pretty funny chemo moments. Silent Night?? Hello...Easter maybe. Keep laughing. It is always the most healing. I LOVE you guys so totally.

  2. Nurse Holly to the rescue to pull out the couple remaining stitches! That cracks me up!!
    I love the positive attitude too! That right there is amazing. No matter how big or small, life could always be worse. Thanks for putting that in perspective for me.
    I love you guys... a bunch!

  3. Get me some bread from K-neaders on your way home tomorrow :) Good luck with the latest appt.